I have been photographing the various life forms in one plant in the front yard for a couple of months now.  All of these creatures are very small and not readily visible.  Most photos taken with my lens as close as I could get to the subject so the image is the same size on my sensor as in real life and in some cases up to 1.7 times bigger.

The first thing that caught my eye once I spent a few minutes looking intently at the plant is this guy, which I call the Mardi Gras inch worm (what the entomologists call it I have no idea).  It is quite hard to see without close inspection.
In the photo below, the caterpillar looking creature on the right had crawled over the Mardi Gras inch worm (on the left) causing it to act like a bucking bronco.
Other small creatures make their way to the ageratum plant.  Some stay hoping for a meal to show up.

Caught that bee but didn't catch the next one

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