Seeing this katydid on the hood of the car made me think about camouflage.  Not working in this setting obviously.

Look at those eyes!

A few minutes after the above katydid shots this creature (a crab spider--doesn't spin a web, btw) caught my eye and I thought 'no camouflage going on here, how's that going to work?'
Well I found out the next day.  Often flowers have contrasting colors which perhaps attracts critters so maybe that's this spider's technique because it pretty much stands out.
The next day I checked on the spider  and while plenty of prey was in the area none got completely in range.  Pretty close a couple of times

Touching a leg of the moth.  This is where an opposable thumb would come in handy. 

Darth Vader of the bug world.

Showing what's under the hood

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